Buying a camcorder for your children

Buying camcorders for kinds can be tricky. If you buy basic kids camcorder or in other words a toy camera, it may not last long and will only prove a waste of money. You cannot spend your money on high-enders because kids are kids and they might not be able to take good care of it.

Moreover, you don’t want to intimidate or discourage them from pursuing the things they want to do. You want their artistic skills to develop and grow with them. Right? Well I have some suggestions for you.

First of all, before you buy a camcorder for your kid, determine his/her maturity level. If he/she is too small and is just excited to own one, then you may go with a basic camcorder. Even if your child is a little grown up but not responsible or fairly mature enough for his/her age, I would still suggest you to go with the same.

If he/she is already experienced with a basic unit, and is eager to explore the videography world, but you are doubtful, then you may try a used one. Buying a used one will do two things, one it will cost equal to an entry level device for a higher model and two, your kids will be able develop their skills using level up functionalities.

After you find them really involved in it and willing to do more, you may go buying a new one for them. Here are few suggestions that you may go for:


Canon ZR 500 Digital Camcorder : This model is an entry-level model of its line and offers a fairly decent image quality within the budget. It is easy to use and has a number of built in special effects to make it easy for kids. It also has a fire-wire that can be easily connected to computers for further video editing or simply watching.


Sony DCR-DVD 7 : This camcorder under $200 is affordable and reliable. It is easy to carry, use and store and is a good choice for kids because of its built-in editing features that allow editing videos in the camcorder itself.

Look for the units that are not to complex and too basic. Make sure they offer at least some basic editing functionality. This will help your child grow their skills and improve via their own experiences. All in all, don’t let them exploit it but use it to improve themselves.