My new Bissell vacuum cleaner

Who doesn’t want to perpetuate cleanliness around themselves? For me this job is entitled to one and only one machine i.e. the new Bissell vacuum cleaner. And the best thing is that it is completely bagless. That means my efforts are much reduced as this machine seems magical the way it cleans and leaves my home spick and span. It is very efficient and works on a powerful 1500W battery. With a flick of a switch this cleaner can perform diligent tasks that include cleaning carpets, vacuuming the upholstery and cleaning almost every dust particle on the floor.



It has subtle construction and appearance that will fit well in your washing space. It has an array of washable filters and is great for carpets, upholstery and all the things you always thought were impossible to clean. But the only drawback is a very narrow range of colour to select from.


  • Quiet when in use
  • It is quite easy to empty the dust cap without any mess
  • It easily works on hard floors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple to handle
  • Easy to change the dust pod


The only limitation I noticed was that some models are equipped with differential roller brush that is difficult to clean and operate.


The first thing for which most people buy this product is that it is quite economical considering its features. You should weigh its features and price since it provides a lot more features that you may not find in other lookalikes offered by other brands. This is one reason why it’s considered one of the best vacuums in 2017.



Bissell is a renowned name known for its bagless technology. This been said, Bissell vacuum cleaner comes with the latest technology in cleaning appliances. With an exceptional suction power you will be able to feel its effectiveness in cleaning. I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best vacuum cleaners available today in the market. Believe me on this one as I have a good experience of using bagless vacuum cleaners.

Who should buy this vacuum cleaner

If you need a vacuum cleaner whose price lies in an affordable range but is not as meticulous as the high-end cleaners, this is the perfect choice for you. If you want a luxury vacuum cleaner but can’t spare much on the budget, it could be your saviour in a difficult chore such as cleaning.

In my case the decision of buying this Bissell product has turned out to be a fair one.


Buying a Flat Iron for Your Wife

When buying a gift for your wife, you need to make sure you buy the best product. A cheap product will be a total dampener  if impressing her is what you are aiming at. Buying a flat iron for your wife is a challenging task as most men are completely clueless about flat irons and the features it offers.

So how to go about it? Here is what I did. I spent some time to find out what a flat iron does and what the essential features to expect in a good flat iron are. You need to consider many options like the material, the size and of course the price when it comes to buying the right flat iron for your wife.


Titanium flat irons are the most recent addition to the ever increasing list of flat irons. Even though you can get cheaper flat irons made up of ceramic, if you want a flat iron that is as dependable as your marriage vows are, you should go for a titanium flat iron. They are safe and do a good job by distributing heat evenly without causing damages to hair.

If your wife is going to use a flat iron daily, then it is better to go for a professional flat iron. You need to keep in mind that using flat iron on a daily basis, must be of good quality material especially, the electrical elements used. A cheaper flat iron can cause damages to her hair when used daily and it may end up in unexpected results as far as your marriage is concerned.


Flat irons are available in a variety of sizes, smaller as well as bigger ones. If your wife has short hair, then you can go for the small flat iron. But, if your wife is having long and thick hair, it is better to go for bigger one.

Grip and weight is another point to consider when buying a flat iron. When you go for a bigger iron, the weight will increase. It is always better not to use a light weight flat iron, as the chances of it getting damaged are more. Grip is also an important factor to consider. If your wife cannot hold your flat iron properly then there is no use of it. Depending upon her strength and grip, you should choose a flat iron to gift her.

Once you have shortlisted a few brands, go through the specifications to understand the features and compare the performance before selecting the best one. Depending on your budget, you can easily get a good quality flat iron for your wife and surprise her with this thoughtful gift.

Buying a GPS for truckers – what you need to know.

The usefulness of a GPS unit is evident for all the vehicles but it is very special for truckers. A truck is a huge vehicle and choosing the right route for it is very essential especially if driving it is your profession. A GPS unit helps you choose the least jammed road so that you reach for delivery on time. It also helps you remain on the right track when lost in a new region. Looking for new delivery addresses every day is a core task of truck driving profession. A reliable truck GPS device makes this easy since it is a guiding tool for truckers.


If you are already out in the market to get yourself a GPS unit then you should keep in mind the following things:

  • Buy a GPS unit that can give voice instructions. This will help you keep your concentration on the track while you drive.
  • 15Look for a GPS that offers daily updates. This feature keeps you informed about regular changes taking place along the routes. You can imagine the perils of choosing a routine road only to find out later that there is some repair work going on and you have to drive to get back on track after this detour. This is something that you can avoid if your GPS updates on daily basis.
  • Fuel logging feature is another useful feature to be looked for in GPS for truckers. Truckers are huge vehicles so cannot be pushed to the fuel station in case they end up with the fuel on the way. Moreover you may often travel to outer areas where fuel stations aren’t frequent. Hence it is boon if you could somehow manage to monitor your fuel usage. This feature helps you do so. It’ll not only keep you informed of how much fuel is left and when will be the refilling required, but it can also be used to calculate the amount of fuel required to travel to a particular place.
  • Trucking features and settings, this feature is very-very important. Traditional GPS units that don’t offer this can go with other vehicles, but will be of no good use for truckers. Hence must check for this one.
  • Invest only on reliable brands and do read customer reviews before final selection.

GPS units make truck driving so much easy and convenient. They’ll change your entire driving experience. Buy one today and experience the comfort yourself.


Buying a camcorder for your children

Buying camcorders for kinds can be tricky. If you buy basic kids camcorder or in other words a toy camera, it may not last long and will only prove a waste of money. You cannot spend your money on high-enders because kids are kids and they might not be able to take good care of it.

Moreover, you don’t want to intimidate or discourage them from pursuing the things they want to do. You want their artistic skills to develop and grow with them. Right? Well I have some suggestions for you.

First of all, before you buy a camcorder for your kid, determine his/her maturity level. If he/she is too small and is just excited to own one, then you may go with a basic camcorder. Even if your child is a little grown up but not responsible or fairly mature enough for his/her age, I would still suggest you to go with the same.

If he/she is already experienced with a basic unit, and is eager to explore the videography world, but you are doubtful, then you may try a used one. Buying a used one will do two things, one it will cost equal to an entry level device for a higher model and two, your kids will be able develop their skills using level up functionalities.

After you find them really involved in it and willing to do more, you may go buying a new one for them. Here are few suggestions that you may go for:


Canon ZR 500 Digital Camcorder : This model is an entry-level model of its line and offers a fairly decent image quality within the budget. It is easy to use and has a number of built in special effects to make it easy for kids. It also has a fire-wire that can be easily connected to computers for further video editing or simply watching.


Sony DCR-DVD 7 : This camcorder under $200 is affordable and reliable. It is easy to carry, use and store and is a good choice for kids because of its built-in editing features that allow editing videos in the camcorder itself.

Look for the units that are not to complex and too basic. Make sure they offer at least some basic editing functionality. This will help your child grow their skills and improve via their own experiences. All in all, don’t let them exploit it but use it to improve themselves.

How I chose my new hair dryer

Hair dryers are an essential and must-have tool in every girl’s hair styling kit today. We all know how useful they are. They are our make-over buddies.


You have to know about the important factors that you must keep in mind before buying a hairdryer. Based on my personal experience, I have made a quick-glance list of them here –

  • If you are buying for personal use only, then it is prudent to invest on a high-end retail category dryer. They are almost equal to a professional dryer, and are within budget.
  • The next thing that you must check is the heating technology it uses. There are particularly four kinds of technologies in dryers namely, infrared, tourmaline, ceramic and ionic. In my opinion, ceramic is best because it heats evenly throughout and also keeps frizzes away. However if you are particularly frizz conscious then choose ionic heater because ionic is best in avoiding frizzes as well as locks  the natural moisture of hair . Never choose metal or plastic heating. They harm hairs.
  • Choose a dryer with the combination of ceramic heating along with tourmaline treatment if possible. This will provide a placid and even drying all over. Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone and is best known material for ionic and infrared generation. This combination will also induce 70% faster heating due to tourmaline and also care for hair damage.
  • Next thing to be determined is the Wattage. More the wattage of the dryer, faster will be the drying. You may compromise with it if you have fine locks but those with dense hairs must buy high wattage dryers.
  • Look for the speed settings it offers. Multiple speed settings are a treat because they allow space for variations in use and users. You will obviously like to use your dryer according to your conditions on different times. Hence do check this.
  • If possible buy a dryer that comes with diffusers. The diffuser is helpful in lifting and separating the strands that enhances its natural look.
  • There is one new kind of feature that advanced dryers offer these days. It is the Auto-shutoff feature. This makes the dryer turn-off as you put it down and it turns on automatically as you hold it again. This saves power and also prevents over-heating of machine.
  • Other features that you may like to consider are, cool shot, swivel cord, nozzle and stream dryers.


With these, you are absolutely ready to choose the ideal device.

Why choose a point and shoot camera

From a professional to an amateur, everyone wants to capture the best photograph possible so that it becomes a thing to cherish forever. The point and shoot camera is not only effective but a genius in multitasking. While choosing an “appropriate” camera some specifications need to be explored. Some suggestions and acquaintance with the features of this amazing gadget can help you pick the right point and shoot camera.


Ease of Access

It is generally compact and is basically used for simple operations. It is so easy to use that even a second grader can easily get high quality images with it. Every operation is easy to perform which allows you to take photographs effortlessly.

General features

It comes with an inbuilt auto focus. Along with this is a list of automated operations, which reduces the stress of ruminating on it. This means that you don’t get any manual controls. Although this camera may not have the same optical zoom as you will have in the expensive models; but a provision of wide-angle coverage is offered in most models. Another feature that attracts me is that I can carry it along wherever I want.



You can capture high resolution with these types of cameras. If your sole purpose is to take 4/6 photos, anything with a resolution of above 6 or 8 megapixels will do. A more detailed explanation on the megapixels you can also find here.


As we cannot compare an Airbus A380 with an A320, an optical zoom should not be compared with the digital one. The point and shoot camera is equipped with a digital zoom feature. Sometimes the digital zoom may offer a longer zoom range. It is not designed for the people who are interested in professional photography. Some cameras may have image stabilization option as well.


This camera is for the one who want to take good quality pictures but have a stringent budget to spend on a camera. Point and shoot camera is a lot more advantageous over mobile phones in taking pictures. It is quite affordable and can easily comply to capture decent pictures.



  1.       Slender , compact, lightweight, noiseless and decent looking
  2.       Easy to carry
  3.       Quite affordable
  4.       Special features like SD card slot, waterproofing, self-timer, touch screen etc can be available.
  5.       Very easy to use as most of the operations are automated
  6.       Appropriate for common photo taking purpose