Two speeding tickets in two days – I need a radar detector

Day 1

I was getting a little late to work that day, and thought a little speed won’t hurt, only to later get hurt of a big speeding ticket. It was only for driving mere single point above the speed limit. I wasn’t very fast, but ‘RULES ARE RULES’, this is what the officer told me when I asked for mercy.


I never break rules, especially traffic rules. That was my first time and I never thought I’ll be charged so heavily for such a negligible crime. Harsh!!

The very next day

This day was different (but not very much). I wasn’t getting late, but was in an easy mood. So I took my car, started my favorite jazz and went on the road. I was on the regular speed limit and didn’t realize that it has changed at the coming route because of some construction going on there. I was really surprised when I was charged this big ticket on violating the speed limit, that too unconsciously. They could have just left me with a warning. Oh the hurt caused to my pocket!!


You see in both the above cases I didn’t intentionally do it. It was negligibly above limit in the first case and I didn’t even realize in the second one. And the tickets given to me were actually more than I deserved.

I seriously needed a radar detector. I am not a rule breaker. I respect rules but I am no millionaire either. I mean getting heavily charged for almost no mistake? Not fair.

I am going to get myself a new radar detector right today.  And I advise you to buy one for you soon as well, if you don’t want to get stuck in similar situations like mine.


A radar detector must not be mistaken with a rule breaking license. It must be fairly acknowledged as a savior of innocent defaulters like me. A radar detector is not for saving you from police every day when you drive rashly. It is for those moments like above when you accidentally violate rules or negligibly get out of limit. At those times a radar detector will on the first hand alarm you of being above the speed limit and give you time to slow down before being caught. This will save your pockets from unnecessary ticketing (like above) and also help you follow traffic rules efficiently.

My new Bissell vacuum cleaner

Who doesn’t want to perpetuate cleanliness around themselves? For me this job is entitled to one and only one machine i.e. the new Bissell vacuum cleaner. And the best thing is that it is completely bagless. That means my efforts are much reduced as this machine seems magical the way it cleans and leaves my home spick and span. It is very efficient and works on a powerful 1500W battery. With a flick of a switch this cleaner can perform diligent tasks that include cleaning carpets, vacuuming the upholstery and cleaning almost every dust particle on the floor.



It has subtle construction and appearance that will fit well in your washing space. It has an array of washable filters and is great for carpets, upholstery and all the things you always thought were impossible to clean. But the only drawback is a very narrow range of colour to select from.


  • Quiet when in use
  • It is quite easy to empty the dust cap without any mess
  • It easily works on hard floors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple to handle
  • Easy to change the dust pod


The only limitation I noticed was that some models are equipped with differential roller brush that is difficult to clean and operate.


The first thing for which most people buy this product is that it is quite economical considering its features. You should weigh its features and price since it provides a lot more features that you may not find in other lookalikes offered by other brands. This is one reason why it’s considered one of the best vacuums in 2017.



Bissell is a renowned name known for its bagless technology. This been said, Bissell vacuum cleaner comes with the latest technology in cleaning appliances. With an exceptional suction power you will be able to feel its effectiveness in cleaning. I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best vacuum cleaners available today in the market. Believe me on this one as I have a good experience of using bagless vacuum cleaners.

Who should buy this vacuum cleaner

If you need a vacuum cleaner whose price lies in an affordable range but is not as meticulous as the high-end cleaners, this is the perfect choice for you. If you want a luxury vacuum cleaner but can’t spare much on the budget, it could be your saviour in a difficult chore such as cleaning.

In my case the decision of buying this Bissell product has turned out to be a fair one.


Why I Bought a Pillow Top Mattress

If you are struggling with your sleep, it is time for you to change your bed. I was having trouble in getting a good night’s sleep and finally decided to change my bed. I wanted a mattress that gives me extra comfort and padding.

Finally, last year, my researches lead me to buying a pillow top mattress for my home. I read a lot of expert mattress reviews and then I made my choice. A pillow top mattress is designed to provide extra comfort as it comes with extra foam and padding at the top. At first, you feel like there is a pillow kept at top of the mattresses. The foam used in the pillow mattress is normally used to make soft pillows.


Pillow top mattresses are not only comfortable but also durable. The spring used in the pillow top mattress holds the foam well. Along with memory foam, feathers, wool, latex foam and polyester foam are used to make these soft, everlasting mattresses.

A pillow top mattress is an ideal choice for a person who is suffering from back and neck pain. If you have similar problems, and always suffer from aches and pains when getting up from the bed after a night’s sleep, pillow top mattress is the perfect choice. In the last one year, after I started using my pillow top mattresses I have been getting a good sleep every night and my pain has reduced too.

Even though the additional layer of foam present in the pillow top mattresses gives it a firm look, the selling point of the mattress is the extra soft and comfort it provides to the sleeper. When you are using a pillow top mattress, there is no need to use any additional pads. You can get comfortable sleep by just lying on the mattress.


The main reason why I was attracted to the pillow top mattress was because of the health benefit it was offering. It was my doctor who advised me to go for pillow top mattresses as they are known for providing relief from back and muscle pain. A pillow top mattress also helps to overcome sleeping disorder and is suitable for sleeping in any position.

I have been using pillow top mattresses for a year now and really enjoy it. I have seen many people using pillow top mattresses for much longer without facing any problems. Even my parents found it very comfortable and it helps them to get a good night’s sleep and reduce unwanted pains.

In my view, if you are looking for a bed that provides you with extra comfort, relief from unwanted pains and mattresses that last long, pillow top mattresses is the ideal choice.

Buying a GPS for truckers – what you need to know.

The usefulness of a GPS unit is evident for all the vehicles but it is very special for truckers. A truck is a huge vehicle and choosing the right route for it is very essential especially if driving it is your profession. A GPS unit helps you choose the least jammed road so that you reach for delivery on time. It also helps you remain on the right track when lost in a new region. Looking for new delivery addresses every day is a core task of truck driving profession. A reliable truck GPS device makes this easy since it is a guiding tool for truckers.


If you are already out in the market to get yourself a GPS unit then you should keep in mind the following things:

  • Buy a GPS unit that can give voice instructions. This will help you keep your concentration on the track while you drive.
  • 15Look for a GPS that offers daily updates. This feature keeps you informed about regular changes taking place along the routes. You can imagine the perils of choosing a routine road only to find out later that there is some repair work going on and you have to drive to get back on track after this detour. This is something that you can avoid if your GPS updates on daily basis.
  • Fuel logging feature is another useful feature to be looked for in GPS for truckers. Truckers are huge vehicles so cannot be pushed to the fuel station in case they end up with the fuel on the way. Moreover you may often travel to outer areas where fuel stations aren’t frequent. Hence it is boon if you could somehow manage to monitor your fuel usage. This feature helps you do so. It’ll not only keep you informed of how much fuel is left and when will be the refilling required, but it can also be used to calculate the amount of fuel required to travel to a particular place.
  • Trucking features and settings, this feature is very-very important. Traditional GPS units that don’t offer this can go with other vehicles, but will be of no good use for truckers. Hence must check for this one.
  • Invest only on reliable brands and do read customer reviews before final selection.

GPS units make truck driving so much easy and convenient. They’ll change your entire driving experience. Buy one today and experience the comfort yourself.


Why choose a point and shoot camera

From a professional to an amateur, everyone wants to capture the best photograph possible so that it becomes a thing to cherish forever. The point and shoot camera is not only effective but a genius in multitasking. While choosing an “appropriate” camera some specifications need to be explored. Some suggestions and acquaintance with the features of this amazing gadget can help you pick the right point and shoot camera.


Ease of Access

It is generally compact and is basically used for simple operations. It is so easy to use that even a second grader can easily get high quality images with it. Every operation is easy to perform which allows you to take photographs effortlessly.

General features

It comes with an inbuilt auto focus. Along with this is a list of automated operations, which reduces the stress of ruminating on it. This means that you don’t get any manual controls. Although this camera may not have the same optical zoom as you will have in the expensive models; but a provision of wide-angle coverage is offered in most models. Another feature that attracts me is that I can carry it along wherever I want.



You can capture high resolution with these types of cameras. If your sole purpose is to take 4/6 photos, anything with a resolution of above 6 or 8 megapixels will do. A more detailed explanation on the megapixels you can also find here.


As we cannot compare an Airbus A380 with an A320, an optical zoom should not be compared with the digital one. The point and shoot camera is equipped with a digital zoom feature. Sometimes the digital zoom may offer a longer zoom range. It is not designed for the people who are interested in professional photography. Some cameras may have image stabilization option as well.


This camera is for the one who want to take good quality pictures but have a stringent budget to spend on a camera. Point and shoot camera is a lot more advantageous over mobile phones in taking pictures. It is quite affordable and can easily comply to capture decent pictures.



  1.       Slender , compact, lightweight, noiseless and decent looking
  2.       Easy to carry
  3.       Quite affordable
  4.       Special features like SD card slot, waterproofing, self-timer, touch screen etc can be available.
  5.       Very easy to use as most of the operations are automated
  6.       Appropriate for common photo taking purpose