What to do when your child outgrows the old crib

As a parent to my baby I enjoyed all the benefits of the crib. I could sleep peacefully at night and run around the errands at home while my daughter comfortably slept in her crib. But ever since she outgrew the crib and moved to her Barbie bed, I am pretty annoyed with the space occupied by her obsolete crib.


One of those days when I was planning to throw it away as garbage, I attended a birthday party of one of my daughter’s friends. Her mother was a professional interior designer and has been using the crib as a patio swing. After getting inspired by such an innovative use of a crib, I visualized so many ways in which I can use my baby’s crib. If you have no plans to extend your family further, here are some ideas for you to rightly use your outgrown crib.


Storage Unit

You can very easily convert the crib into a storage unit by using a few wooden bars. Fix two of such wooden bars horizontally along the longer side of the crib’s top frame and create a hanger space. You can keep this crib in your garage and hang extra clothes that you will not use in this weather. This a great way to keep your garage organized!

Toy Organizer

Whatever is your child’s age, she will always have some toys that she wants to keep around.  Teach her to keep her toys in the crib. For that you need to lower down one of the sides to make it easily accessible. She would really love this huge space to keep her most loved teddies and dolls.

After-wash laundry bag

Most of us face a critical problem of keeping the just washed laundry. The best place to keep your laundry is in the crib. Move the crib to the place where you have installed your washing machine. Keep loading the crib with the washed clothes. Anyone with a lost handkerchief or sock will know where to look for!

Easy-to-push domestic carriage

Sometimes we need to do a lot of moving around of the things at home. If you can call a carpenter for such help, you can get the crib fixed with wheels and a push handle. Whenever you have lot of things to be moved from one room into another, just load them into this furnished crib and push to them to your destination. Whenever I do this my daughter too runs to lend me a helping hand. A mediocre chore becomes a family fun activity.