Why choose a point and shoot camera

From a professional to an amateur, everyone wants to capture the best photograph possible so that it becomes a thing to cherish forever. The point and shoot camera is not only effective but a genius in multitasking. While choosing an “appropriate” camera some specifications need to be explored. Some suggestions and acquaintance with the features of this amazing gadget can help you pick the right point and shoot camera.


Ease of Access

It is generally compact and is basically used for simple operations. It is so easy to use that even a second grader can easily get high quality images with it. Every operation is easy to perform which allows you to take photographs effortlessly.

General features

It comes with an inbuilt auto focus. Along with this is a list of automated operations, which reduces the stress of ruminating on it. This means that you don’t get any manual controls. Although this camera may not have the same optical zoom as you will have in the expensive models; but a provision of wide-angle coverage is offered in most models. Another feature that attracts me is that I can carry it along wherever I want.



You can capture high resolution with these types of cameras. If your sole purpose is to take 4/6 photos, anything with a resolution of above 6 or 8 megapixels will do. A more detailed explanation on the megapixels you can also find here.


As we cannot compare an Airbus A380 with an A320, an optical zoom should not be compared with the digital one. The point and shoot camera is equipped with a digital zoom feature. Sometimes the digital zoom may offer a longer zoom range. It is not designed for the people who are interested in professional photography. Some cameras may have image stabilization option as well.


This camera is for the one who want to take good quality pictures but have a stringent budget to spend on a camera. Point and shoot camera is a lot more advantageous over mobile phones in taking pictures. It is quite affordable and can easily comply to capture decent pictures.



  1.       Slender , compact, lightweight, noiseless and decent looking
  2.       Easy to carry
  3.       Quite affordable
  4.       Special features like SD card slot, waterproofing, self-timer, touch screen etc can be available.
  5.       Very easy to use as most of the operations are automated
  6.       Appropriate for common photo taking purpose