How I chose my new hair dryer

Hair dryers are an essential and must-have tool in every girl’s hair styling kit today. We all know how useful they are. They are our make-over buddies.


You have to know about the important factors that you must keep in mind before buying a hairdryer. Based on my personal experience, I have made a quick-glance list of them here –

  • If you are buying for personal use only, then it is prudent to invest on a high-end retail category dryer. They are almost equal to a professional dryer, and are within budget.
  • The next thing that you must check is the heating technology it uses. There are particularly four kinds of technologies in dryers namely, infrared, tourmaline, ceramic and ionic. In my opinion, ceramic is best because it heats evenly throughout and also keeps frizzes away. However if you are particularly frizz conscious then choose ionic heater because ionic is best in avoiding frizzes as well as locks  the natural moisture of hair . Never choose metal or plastic heating. They harm hairs.
  • Choose a dryer with the combination of ceramic heating along with tourmaline treatment if possible. This will provide a placid and even drying all over. Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone and is best known material for ionic and infrared generation. This combination will also induce 70% faster heating due to tourmaline and also care for hair damage.
  • Next thing to be determined is the Wattage. More the wattage of the dryer, faster will be the drying. You may compromise with it if you have fine locks but those with dense hairs must buy high wattage dryers.
  • Look for the speed settings it offers. Multiple speed settings are a treat because they allow space for variations in use and users. You will obviously like to use your dryer according to your conditions on different times. Hence do check this.
  • If possible buy a dryer that comes with diffusers. The diffuser is helpful in lifting and separating the strands that enhances its natural look.
  • There is one new kind of feature that advanced dryers offer these days. It is the Auto-shutoff feature. This makes the dryer turn-off as you put it down and it turns on automatically as you hold it again. This saves power and also prevents over-heating of machine.
  • Other features that you may like to consider are, cool shot, swivel cord, nozzle and stream dryers.


With these, you are absolutely ready to choose the ideal device.