Two speeding tickets in two days – I need a radar detector

Day 1

I was getting a little late to work that day, and thought a little speed won’t hurt, only to later get hurt of a big speeding ticket. It was only for driving mere single point above the speed limit. I wasn’t very fast, but ‘RULES ARE RULES’, this is what the officer told me when I asked for mercy.


I never break rules, especially traffic rules. That was my first time and I never thought I’ll be charged so heavily for such a negligible crime. Harsh!!

The very next day

This day was different (but not very much). I wasn’t getting late, but was in an easy mood. So I took my car, started my favorite jazz and went on the road. I was on the regular speed limit and didn’t realize that it has changed at the coming route because of some construction going on there. I was really surprised when I was charged this big ticket on violating the speed limit, that too unconsciously. They could have just left me with a warning. Oh the hurt caused to my pocket!!


You see in both the above cases I didn’t intentionally do it. It was negligibly above limit in the first case and I didn’t even realize in the second one. And the tickets given to me were actually more than I deserved.

I seriously needed a radar detector. I am not a rule breaker. I respect rules but I am no millionaire either. I mean getting heavily charged for almost no mistake? Not fair.

I am going to get myself a new radar detector right today.  And I advise you to buy one for you soon as well, if you don’t want to get stuck in similar situations like mine.


A radar detector must not be mistaken with a rule breaking license. It must be fairly acknowledged as a savior of innocent defaulters like me. A radar detector is not for saving you from police every day when you drive rashly. It is for those moments like above when you accidentally violate rules or negligibly get out of limit. At those times a radar detector will on the first hand alarm you of being above the speed limit and give you time to slow down before being caught. This will save your pockets from unnecessary ticketing (like above) and also help you follow traffic rules efficiently.